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Sweet southern soul, ordained by rock & roll, and firmly planted in the blues.

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The Sideshow Ramblers

The Sideshow Ramblers formed in the Winter of 2010, playing in and around Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah. The band’s sound is an eclectic mix of the members’ musical influences, ranging from bluegrass, Appalachian and roots, to soul, rock and blues. The band’s genesis is in the soulful song writing of guitarist and vocalist Josh Taylor. Bringing in Dave Knose on bass and Matt Gordon on drums completed the ensemble, each adding a new dimension to the arrangements. The Ramblers released a self titled EP in the Spring of 2011 and continued to play around Utah, garnering fans and praise for their original music as well as high-energy, live shows. After 4 years as a trio, the band expanded its sonic range with the addition of keyboardist Ken Frederickson.

The Sideshow Ramblers have played countless shows on some of the best stages in Utah, opening for national acts and headlining. The band has received radio airplay and plans to release a full length record of new material in the Spring of 2014. The Sideshow Ramblers are a group of four friends that love creating audible art for people that enjoy authentic music with passionate, soulful songwriting.

Josh Taylor - Guitar and Vocals

Dave Knose - Bass

Matt Gordon - Drums

Ken Frederickson - Keys

Our Albums

The Sideshow Ramblers EP

  1. The Water 05:20
  2. Cheap Wine 04:04
  3. Only Mine 06:12
  4. Running Away 03:56
  5. Whiskey Lullaby 04:16


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